How to talk to your parents about aging and dealing with their “stuff”

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One of the biggest questions we get around the holiday season is … “How do I talk to my parents about their stuff?” And this question is then awkwardly followed by, “Look, I don’t really want or expect anything from my parents, but I just don’t know what to do if they get sick or […]

What about Wills that are Handwritten?

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Handwritten Wills can be admitted to probate and administered just like any other written will. However, there are some critical differences in how a person is appointed as the personal representative for an estate where there is a handwritten will.

Can a Last Will and Testament be changed after a person dies?

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It’s not uncommon for a person to want to change a decedent’s Last Will and Testament. The most common reason is, “Well, that’s not really what they wanted,” or “That’s not what they meant.” Those reasons are not enough to change a will after a person has died, which is why it is essential to […]

Does a Last Will and Testament Avoid Probate?

What is Probate?   In New Jersey, probate is the process by which a person becomes the personal representative of a person’s estate.   When a person passes away, someone has to step up and take care of everything that the person left behind. The person who died is called the “decedent.” The person who steps up is called […]

The Last Will and Testament of Freddie Mercury – Don’t Stop Me Now

At the time of his death, Freddie Mercury’s net worth is estimated to have been about $30 million, which today would be worth approximately $50 to $60 million. His assets included real estate, art, royalties, catalog rights and more. Since then, his state has grown to an estimated net worth of around $100 million. We know […]

What Happens to Your Pets After You Die?

You’re blindly browsing your social media feed one night and you see it … again. And it tugs at your heartstrings, but you brush it off and move on. Then you look over at your brand new puppy asleep half-in and half-out of the expensive bed that you bought for him, oh look, he’s having […]

What happens if you get left out of a Last Will and Testament?

Did you ever think about whether a child of a first marriage can contest a will? Maybe this happened to you. Your mom or dad got remarried, then passed away. You later find out that you were left out of your mom’s or dad’s new will – and maybe everything was left to your parent’s […]

Who Pays My Debts When I Die?

When a person dies, children or heirs often wonder if they become responsible for their parent’s debts. Generally speaking, the answer is no. The decedent is responsible for all of their debts. The personal representative pays all final debts of the decedent with money that is in the estate. Some amount of money are protected […]

Can my children claim my deceased husband’s inheritance?

Imagine the hypothetical situation where your husband died before his mother. When his mother dies, what happens to your deceased husband’s inheritance? Where does it go? Do your kids get it? Do you get it? Do your kids get completely cut out?