What happens to them

if something happens to you?

  • Create Your Will
  • Protect Your Kids
  • Become an Executor
  • Administer an Estate
Protecting Your Kids

Being a parent is hard. Like really, really hard. You have crying kids, sleepless nights, three calendars between school and extracurriculars, and then anxiety over what you're missing. It's really hard. And you haven't even thought about what happens to your kids if you don't come home.

Let's take something off your plate. Let's create a Children's Action Plan to build a safety net around your child that will take care of them if anything ever happened to you.

Best of all? You've already started! We'll help you get all the way there!

How We Can Help You

self-guided options

a la carte options

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Responsibly pass on family wealth

Document your last wishes

Ensure your children will be cared for

Document your medical decisions

Acquire and protect real property

Become the executor of an estate

Deal with creditors, liablities, and assets in an estate

Manage and administer estate assets

Maximize tax exemptions and benefits


Protect assets from creditors


Annual in person strategy sessions


Easy access to legal advice


Free Resources

How to:

Protect Your Kids

There's more to being a good parent than ensuring your kids always eat their vegetables.

What happens to your kids if something happens to you? 

Discover how you can make sure there's a plan for them.

How to:

Apply to be an Executor

It's hard to be the executor.

It sounds like a big fancy title, but all it comes with is a lot of responsibility and angry relatives.

Discover how to keep calm - yourself and your relatives, apply for probate, and get the ball rolling when you apply for probate.

How to:

Start Your Estate Plan

Do you think an "estate" only exists in PBS dramas and manor homes?

An "estate" is everything that you accumulate throughout your life - yes, even your old hooptie. 

Discover how to get started planning how to pass it on.


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