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Planning by the numbers

hours per week parents worry about their kids
1 in 1
children who will lose a parent before age 20
0 %
Wives outlive their husbands
0 %
Americans without a plan

Why create your plan? So, you can protect your 3Ls

As a parent, you want to make sure that your kids are safe, loved, and taken care of. We can help with that. Let’s take something off your plate and make sure that your kids will be taken care of, even if something happens to you. 

Plan for Life

Your life is busy and you're not going to die anytime soon, so let's work together to make sure that you've got the right legal foundation to protect your medical decisions and provide financial security ... just in case.

Plan for Legacy

Your legacy is so much more than just money, it's the future of your kids and your best friend (aka spouse/partner). Let's make your legacy one protects your loved ones and create financial security for them

Plan for Love

How often do you say, "I love you"? Your Will or Trust is the action you need to take to ensure that your love can be felt far into the future, even when you're no longer there to say those three little words.

Three Levels of Customizable Estate Planning to protect your 3Ls

Children's Action Plan
  • Name legal guardians for your children;
  • Create medical information guides for your children’s guardians;
  • Develop a rapid response plan that ensures your children will always have a safe place to call home

Difficulty: Beginner

Options: DIY or attorney created

Time: 30 minutes – 10 hours

Cost: $-$$

Last Wills and Testament
  • Name legal guardians for your children,
  • Decide what your children will inherit from you
  • Determine how and when they will receive their inheritance

Difficulty: Intermediate

Options: Attorney created

Time: 5+ hours

Cost: $$-$$$

Revocable Living Trust
  • Protect the privacy of your family by avoiding probate,
  • Plan for blended families by protecting inheritances for children of different relationships,
  • Space out your children’s inheritance for years or until specific ages

Difficulty: Advanced

Options: Attorney created

Time: 10+ hours

Cost: $$$-$$$$

Why work with us?

We founded Emery Leach, LLC in 2016 to help families just like yours create lasting and loving legacy plans so that you can consciously build your health, wealth, and life and get your peace of mind.

We have over a decade of experience guiding families just like yours to building a customized plan for their family’s success. We know that you can do this, too.

We believe that you can build and customize the plan for your family with a few key things:

How We'd Work Together to Create Your Plan

We have over a decade of experience guiding families just like yours to building a customized plan for their family’s success. We know that you can do this, too.

We believe that you can build and customize the plan for your family with a few key things:

Who We Are

It’s your life, so you’re in the driver’s seat. Every day we come to work, we strive to connect you to the solutions you need to achieve your goals, whether that be protecting your kids, spouse, or family with an amazing and customize Will or Trust, or building your dream business. We’re here to support you.

Some A's for your Q's

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, we are! Both Julia and Kathrine graduated from Rutgers University, School of Law in 2013. Funny enough, they were in the same class, but didn’t meet until two years after law school at a networking event. Go Raptors!

Yes, we do! We have three standard payment options: (1) all up front, (2) over 6 months, (3) over 12 months. We also have a “Make us an offer” payment plan option, but you’ve really got to convince us that we should deviate from our standard offerings. 

We love your eagerness and we want you to start now, too, however because we’re attorneys and we’ll be working with you one on one, we need to make sure that we want to work together.

We also have to do something called a “conflicts check,” which means that we have to make sure that when we work with you, we won’t be hurting any of our previous clients.

We do not offer refunds because we do not receive payment until the work is performed. Attorneys are not like contractors. We have to have something called a “trust account,” which is where we keep all the money that we haven’t earned yet. This means that you will only ever be paying us for work that we’ve completed, or it goes into the trust account. Our Giving Forward Plans are valued and paid in increments such that you will be always be paying for service as it’s received. 

We work with planners in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

“two months of studying + two day exam”

’nuff said. 

We do have relationships with attorneys in other states, so we might be able to recommend an attorney to assist you with creating your Last Will and Testament.

You can create either a Last Will and Testament or a Revocable Living Trust with the Giving Forward Program. While we will make suggestions and recommendations, the choice is up to you in how you protect your family. 

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