Tip: Create Your Asset Spreadsheet

Your life is complicated. There are a lot of moving parts, and you’re a master at juggling all of them. You know which credit card gives you 5% cash back at the grocery store this month, and you know what day and how much needs to be paid. You know what day your paycheck gets deposited, what day your rent or mortgage is due, and what time you need to pick up your kids from daycare. And those are just the things that you do daily.

Think about all the things you do weekly, monthly, and annually.    

Now imagine that you had to figure out what was going on in another person’s life. 

  • Do you know what credit cards they have? What dates they’re due?    
  • Do you know how many bank accounts that person has? Or what banks hold those accounts?    
  • Do you know what retirement accounts a person has? What institution holds those accounts?
  • What about life insurance? House insurance? Personal property insurance?
  • What about loans? Car loans, student loans, mortgages, personal lines of credit, HELOCs?  

It’s exhausting just thinking about how complicated a person’s life is.    

If you’re not around to juggle all these moving parts, someone will have to do that for you, and they won’t have the same detailed knowledge of your life.    

The fact is that when people die, things get lost. They fall through the cracks, and they can end up in the Unclaimed Property Office in your state. This includes all kinds of things, such as those life insurance policies, and those bank accounts. You might end up in a foreclosure situation because of a HELOC or other mortgage that you didn’t know about it.    

Life is complicated.

But there is something you should do to make it easier for someone who comes in to pick up all the pieces. 

Create a Property and Asset Inventory spreadsheet

Get Your Stuff Together and Create Your Property & Asset Inventory

Get instant – or as instant as the internet is – access to this template Property & Asset Inventory Spreadsheet. It’s quick. It’s easy. and best of all? This easy to use template will help you get your financial ducks in a row so you’ll always know where everything is.