You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Schedule Your Planning Session

Call our office at 856-298-4410 or click here to schedule your Estate Planning Session with one of our attorneys. We see clients on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and we even have some evening and weekend appointments available to make planning as convenient as possible for you.

When you schedule your Planning Session, we block out 2 hours just for you and your family. After scheduling your appointment, you will receive the Estate Planning Homework that will help you take your next step to complete peace of mind. This Homework will help you get your legal and financial life in order.

During our meeting, we will take a look at your current plan. We will discuss what will happen to your loved ones and your loved things if anything were to happen to you. Then we will discuss what you would like to happen and help you create the plan that helps get you there as easily as possible.

A Planning Session with one of our attorneys is $750.00, which is credited towards your planning fee when you create a comprehensive plan with us. In some circumstances, we will waive the planning session fee and you can secure your appointment with a credit card number. So long as you keep your appointment, nothing will be charged to your card.

How to Prepare for Your Planning Session

Shortly after scheduling your Planning Session, you will receive an email from us that contains the Estate Planning Homework. Be prepared to sit down with your partner or spouse to complete this together. It will help you prepare to meet with the attorney.

Please return the completed Homework at least 3 days prior to your Planning Session. This allows the attorney to review your information and be prepared to have a productive meeting.

If you have any pre-existing estate plans, please be sure to send copies to our office with your Inventory and Assessment so that it can be reviewed prior to your meeting.

What to Expect the Day of Your Planning Session

On the day of your Planning Session, expect to spend between 1 and 3 hours with an attorney. The initial meeting has two purposes:

  1. This meeting allows you and the attorney to determine if we are a good fit, this means you are interviewing us, just as we are interviewing you; and
  2. To educate you about the law and what would happen if you were to pass with your current plan (or no plan) in place.

By looking at your current plan, you can make the determination on how you want to move forward and you can identify where we can best serve you. With our guidance, you will be able to make the best decisions to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your family would be taken care of in the way you want it something were to happen to you. Assuming there is a good fit between our firm and your family, you can design a plan for your family during your Planning Session.

What Happens Next?

After you have completed the design of your plan, we will get started reviewing your assets to ensure that everything you own is properly titled for maximum protection. After your meeting ends, you will be able to go home knowing that you have taken the next steps towards absolute legal peace of mind.

This is where we step in. From here, we will review the plan that you created during your Planning Session, we will continue the review of your assets and prepare you Asset Spreadsheet. When your plan is finalized, we will schedule your Signing Meeting and sign the plan that you created for your family. Once you sign your planning documents, your family and your assets are protected just as we discussed during your Planning Session.

But that's just the beginning! So many people see planning as a single staircase, however that's simply not the case. Your life goes through twists and turns and things are constantly changing. To help you keep your plan up to date and working throughout your lifetime, we review your plan every three years and keep you informed about changes in the law and about other issues that affect your family.

Call us today at 856-298-4410 to schedule a Planning Session and take the second step towards peace of mind.