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Estate Planning

The Top 8 Outrageous Last Will and Testament Provisions
A Last Will and Testament is a person’s last chance to have a say in what happens on this planet[...]
Living Wills: Past, Present, and Unique Requests for Care
Like in most things, necessity is the mother of invention. “Living wills” were first proposed by individuals who were unable[...]
The 5 Best Tools for Your Last Will and Testament
What is a Last Will and TestamentA Last Will and Testament is a written expression of your wishes, intentions, and[...]
What is a living trust?
​A few times a year we get a phone call from someone telling us that they need a trust. After[...]

Probate & Estate Administration

Question: My husband died without a will and there isn’t a lot of money, do I have to apply for letters of administration?
Typically, when a person dies without a Last Will and Testament, the person who will be acting as the executor[...]
How Long Will It Take to Get Your Inheritance?
You hang up the phone, you’re sad to hear your Grandmother passed away, but you’re also a little bit excited by the[...]
The Myth of Reading the Will
What is the "Reading the will"? You know that scene in movies or in television shows where a family gathers[...]

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