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Responsibly pass on family wealth

Document your last wishes

Ensure your children will be cared for

Document your medical decisions

Acquire and protect real property

Become the executor of an estate

Deal with creditors, liablities, and assets in an estate

Manage and administer estate assets

Maximize tax exemptions and benefits


Protect assets from creditors


Annual in person strategy sessions


Easy access to legal advice


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Responsibly Pass on Family Wealth

Your family wealth is more than just money. It's stories, ideas, history, and love. And of course it's money. You want to preserve and protect everything so that your children, grandchildren, and great-great-great grandchildren who settle Mars will know how they got to where they are. You want to make sure that each generation will be better off than the previous generation, whether that's by growing in love, philanthropy, business, arts, or whatever is important to you and your family. You want to consciously build that legacy, consciously protect it, and consciously pass it on. And we want to make sure that you can make that happen - responsibly. 

Apply to be an Executor or Administrator of an Estate

After a person dies, someone has to apply to probate the will and become the executor. Probate?  It's a court process where a person become the executor or administrator of an estate. And it's hard. It's like trying to juggle plates, without ever learning how to juggle. And there isn't a single clown in sight. 

It's hard to be an executor. It sounds like a big fancy title, but all it comes with is a lot of responsibility and angry relatives. It's even harder when it's a close family member, like a parent, a spouse, a sibling - or worse a child. 

Discover how you can be the best executor or administrator you can be. We'll be there to help you every step of the way.

Administer an Estate After a Loved One Dies

After you've been appointed as the executor or the administrator, you have to actually manage and administer the estate. It's time to actually do some things. Maybe you've picked up a book online or at the library, but it just sounds like a bunch of gibberish - and they kept talking about California law, not New Jersey or Pennsylvania law. What good is that? 

Being an executor or administrator is a lot about papers, documents, phone calls, and part-time counsellor as you try to soothe the emotions of family members who feel that they were left out. 

Don't worry, you got this! We're here to help!

Protect Assets from Creditors

Sometimes building a legacy means taking risks and you need to be free to takes those risks. Asset protection is a fancy word for a financial and legal strategy where you arrange everything you own in ways that they are protected so you're free to take the risks you need to grow a business, raise a family, get remarried, or pursue other professional dreams. We want to enable you to takes these risks safely, securely, and with the knowledge that by you're not risking everything.

Maximize Tax Exemptions and Benefits

Say goodbye to missing out on deductions and exemptions. Sure, we can't help you avoid paying taxes, but you can legally delay them through strategic planning, property exchanges, spousal transfers, and other qualified transfers. Does that mean you won't pay taxes, of course not. But, you should only be paying the taxes that you have to.

Document Your Medical Decisions and Ensure Medical Independence

Medical decisions and costs can become a landmine if you leave your family to debate or make decisions on your behalf. And this isn't only for the "end of life" care, this is for your whole life. You have opinions, options, and choices and you'd like to make sure that your wishes regarded your care are acknowledged and followed. We're here to help ensure that you avoid those landmines, get the care that you want, and have your finances arranged so that you can maximize your care. 

Ensure Your Children will be Cared for

Whether you carried them in your womb or in your heart, you child is your whole world and you want to make sure that they will always be cared for no matter what happens to you. You want to build that family, financial, and social safety net to catch your child in case you fall. We're here to help make that happen. 

Protect Yo​​​​ur Ideas from Theft

Your muse is your life. It's how you create and build your life and it should be protected. Whether you're a budding artist, writer or author, amateur photographer, or you're already a professional (meaning you've been paid for your awesome work ... woot! go you!), it's time to make sure that your ideas, your work, and your talent is protected. We're here to take care of the legalities so you can keep doing the creative. 

Acquire and Protect Real Property

Owning your own home is part of the quintessential "American Dream." For some, that dream involves multiple homes, investment properties, rental properties, and grand estates. But even if you're not the next Vanderbilt, you still want to make sure that you maximize your home's value for yourself and for future generations. 

Form a Business around Your Ideas

Your business is your baby. It is your ultimate expression in the world, it's how you put food on the table, feed your kids, and keep a roof over their heads. We know. We're right there with you.  That's why you need to start off on the right foot. Whether you're building the world's best mouse trap or helping others achieve their dreams, we'll help you achieve yours.