What is Asset Protecting Planning?

Put most simply, asset protection is a strategy by which you organize your financial affairs in such a way that your assets are safeguarded from exposure. That's a fancy way of saying we change the way you own things so that they are protected from your actions, or we create contracts and agreements that shift liability from one person or business to another. 

While your asset protection plan may differ, most asset protection strategies follows a similar plan.

Is this legal?

This is a reasonable question… and the short answer is yes, if it is done properly. It is not legal if done wrong. If it is done illegally and someone sues you, all your work and effort (plus any money you spent on the plan) will be for nothing. The judge will undo all of your transfers to pay your creditors. That's why it is so important to be upfront and honest with your planners to make sure that the plan you implement will actually protect you. 

The more success you have (especially in business) the more at risk you are as others see your success grow.

What is risky behavior?

As a business owner, a professional, or an investor, you are likely already engaging in risky business practices without realizing it. Here’s a quick Q&A that will point out some risky practices you might be engaging in:

  • Have you signed any business documents with a personal guarantee?
  • Do you have rental properties or employees?
  • Do you provide professional services (i.e. attorney, physician, engineer)?
  • check
    Do you work in construction?
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    Are you getting re-married and have kids from a prior marriage? Does your future spouse have kids from a prior marriage? Are you bringing separate property into the marriage? 
How Does Asset Protection Planning Benefit Me?

These are normal, everyday business and personal practices that could be exposing you to risk. Should you be worried? Not necessarily, but we want you to be doing these things and more. These risks that you are taking enable you to grow your business, thereby taking on more risk and growing even more.

We want you to take that risk safely and securely, knowing that by taking risks, you are not risking everything.

Through a comprehensive asset protection strategy, we can set up your business and personal legal structures that ensure you take those risks with peace of mind.

There are many strategies to help cover your assets, these are just a few ways that we can help you: insurance, asset segregation and separation, business entities, asset protection trusts, pre-nuptial agreements, and many combinations of the above.