What is a Children's Action Plan (C.A.P.)?

Do you know what happens to your family in an emergency? We want to help you answer that question. Family Care Plans are common in private schools, the military, and some public schools, as well as recommended by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

We've expanded on the federally recommended Family Care Plan and created the Children's Action Plan. This plan is meant to provide you, your children, and your loved ones a plan if one is ever needed in an emergency situation. This is especially important if you have minor children, special needs children, elderly parents, or a dangerous profession, i.e. police officer, service member, correctional officer, etc.

You need the tools, the plan, and the documents to get you through that emergency and we want to help get you there. 

How can I protect my family and my children?

The best way to protect your family and your children is to be ready. This is accomplished through a well-thought out plan for an emergency situation, including who to call, who you can rely on, and who their back-ups are. It's about creating and maintaining a social safety for you and your family, a social safety net that catch you and your family if anything should happen to you. 

With that in mind, our Children's Action Plan includes counseling, guides, and the documents you need to ensure your children are always protected. This includes:

  • Temporary or Emergency Guardian Nominations for each child
  • Long-term or Permanent Guardian Nominations for each child
  • Medical Power of Attorney for each child
What happens if I don't create a Children's Action Plan?

If you don't create a Children's Action Plan, you won't get the peace of mind of knowing that your children will always be protected and cared for, no matter what happens to you. You won't have the mental security of knowing that your children will be loved, cared for, and raised by someone that you have hand-picked to continue raising your child as you would have - no matter what happens.

You also won't get the peace of mind of knowing that in any emergency situation, your family will have a plan to move forward. You will have your finances, your medical decisions, your child-rearing decisions all taken care of. The only thing you'll need to worry about in an emergency situation is how to get out of it. Everything else will already be taken care of. 

How does creating a Children's Action Plan for my children benefit me?

You've probably heard that it takes a village to raise a child? Well, it takes a little more than just a village; it takes a well organized village with a plan. That plan needs to include plans for finances, for health care, for religion, for arts, for discipline - for eating vegetables - all the things that make parenting one of the more rewarding and frustrating and scary adventures that you can undertake as a human. It's a hard, busy, up-hill battle to raise a child. We want to help make that a little bit easier by allowing you to focus on getting Bridget to eat her darn broccoli, so you can stop worrying about who will take care of Bridget if you're ever in the hospital or otherwise unable to make her eat her broccoli.