Starting and forming your business is just one of the many required steps to maintain your business. After all the paperwork is filed, after you’ve made your agreements and made your first sale, you need to start maintaining your business.

Over time, your business will grow, you may take on partners, more employees, expand to new buildings, and you can sure that the law will change over time. To keep up with all these changes, you need to work with a trusted adviser who can help keep your business in tip top shape. Your business must be able to work through the growing pains that put so many out of business, and we’re there to help with that.

In addition to working through these growing pains, we will help you keep your business a separate legal entity from yourself. Maintaining your business structure is an important form of asset protection that must be vigilantly guarded to protect everything in your personal life. If you don’t maintain separate bank accounts, have annual meetings, maintain meeting minutes, have agreements, and if these are not maintained and updated, then your business formation is not doing what it was designed to do. You business will fail to provide you the cheapest form of asset protection you can’t buy. It’s all in the details and the planning.