What is Personal Medical Planning?

Personal Medical Planning can be simple or complex depending on your age, your health, your finances, and your goals.

Your medical planning can be a simple as a "living will" and as complicated as irrevocable trusts that are designed to ensure you qualify for Medicaid for end of life expenses, including long-term care. 

How can I protect my medical decisions today?

You can make medical decisions today that will have an impact on the medical care you receive in this future. The medical decisions will provide the guidelines to the decisions that your caregivers and doctors will make on your behalf if you're ever unable to make a decision. This can be a broad as using all reasonable life-saving techniques to the complete denial of antibiotics and further medical intervention other than pain management and palliative care. These are decisions that cannot be undertaken lightly, but which can greatly relieve your family from the stress of having to make medical decisions during an emotional time and worry that they made the wrong choice. Not only are you ensuring your decisions are followed, but you are protecting your loved-ones from mental anguish and strife over what you would have wanted. 

How can I ensure that I'll receive proper medical care as I age?

The first thing you have to do it to put it in writing. The second thing to do is keep it updated. Medical technology is advancing as light-speed and it's important that your medical decisions keep pace with the latest medical technology. 

Depending on your finances and financial strategy, you may be a candidate for  "Medicaid Trust," which is an irrevocable trust that helps you qualify for certain state medical benefits to ensure you get the care you need. This is often end of life care and the planning must be done at least sixty months before you need it. (You have start planning early, like really early.)

How Does Personal Medical Planning Benefit Me?

Personal medical planning, just like any other kind of planning, is a process by which you make decisions today that will have effect in the future. With a comprehensive and well-thought-out personal medical plan, you can:

  • Make medical decisions today for your future self;
  • Preserve your family finances for the benefit of your children or heirs;
  • Minimize taxes and expenses;
  • check
    Make sure your wishes are carried out through a comprehensive Personal Medical Plan

Ready to protect your medical independence?