What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is an empowering experience that enables you to change how the law applies to you simply by signing your name to a piece of paper. If it was the simple to change your speed limit, wouldn't you do it? In a more technical (and some might say macabre) sense, estate planning is the process by which you determine what you would like to happen to your estate when you pass.

More than half of Americans do not have an estate plan and the main reason given is that they "just haven't gotten around to making one." What if we could not only made it easy to "get around to doing it," but we also made the process simple and, some might say, enjoyable!

What Happens If I Die Without A Will?

Do you know - I mean really know - what will happen to everything you own and everyone you love if something were to happen to you?

Even if you don't have a plan, the State of New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a plan for you. So, just because YOU haven't "gotten around" to making a plan, someone in Trenton and someone in Harrisburg has created a plan for you.

Our first step is to determine how the plan that "someone" created for you will affect what you've acquired throughout your life and how that will impact your loved ones. If you're okay with someone else's plan for your family and your stuff, then you don't need to create an estate plan.

If you want to take control of your life and the benefits you provide to you family, we will help you create a plan that does just that. Estate planning is about taking control in a situation where you are out of control. By

How Does Estate Planning Benefit Me?

Estate planning, just like any other kind of planning, is a process by which you examine what you have earned and accumulated during your life and determine what you would like to happen to everything when you die.

With a comprehensive and well-thought out estate plan, you can:

  • Provide for your family after you pass
  • Preserve your wealth for future generations and truly build a brand name for your family
  • Minimize taxes and expenses
  • Make sure your wishes are carried out through a comprehensive Legal Life Plan
  • Protect the privacy of your family and children
  • Properly set expectations to avoid infighting among your heirs and preserve a cohesive family
  • Get peace of mind knowing that everything will be taken care of.

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