Business is built on the relationships and agreements you reach. Whether those are agreements with customers who purchase your service or product, an agreement with a supplier, or an agreement with an employee to show up and do work for you everyday. Your business relies on your ability to develop and come to agreements with people numerous times per day, per month, and per year. How do you keep track of all the agreements that you’ve made and ensure that you’re holding up your end of the bargain? How to you ensure that they are holding up their end?

Many businesses operate on a “handshake deal” basis, which can work for awhile. It is when you go to put everything in writing that we have seen business owners struggle. Once the agreement is boiled down into letters on a page, sometimes you find that you don’t have the agreement that you thought you did. This is where we can help.

The best way to continue having those relationships with your customers, suppliers, and employees is to make sure that your agreements are spelled out in plain English. We love creating clear agreements that help set boundaries and define the parameters of your agreement. The best way to avoid disappointment and anger is to manage each person’s expectations for the agreement.

After we help you create these agreements, we will help you monitor them. As someone on our Business Growth Membership Plan, not only will you have access to our library of template agreements that you can use, you may also receive some custom drafted documents as well (depending on your membership level).

The thing to understand about making agreements… It’s not just what you’re agreeing to that is the problem, it’s the process of conflict resolution. How do you and the other party agree to resolve conflicts if one arises? This is where we can help you. The best time to resolve a conflict, is to develop the process by which it is resolved before it arises.