What is Real Property?

Real property is land, which may include a house. Personal property is almost everything else: clothes, food, jewelry, even some appliances. 

Owning a home is a quintessential part of the American Dream. Home ownership is one of the first major purchased a person makes after completing their schooling, getting their first job (#adulting, go you!), and upgrading their car from their high school clunker. 

Your first home is likely to be your first major investment into your future life. Whether it's a starter home or your forever home, that house and the land upon which is sits is called real property.

How can I protect my real property?

Since home values generally move in the upwards direction, home ownership is one of the easiest ways to build equity and cash value quickly. But home ownership also comes with its own list of concerns and worries. Whether that's as simple as fixing a leaky faucet, or as complicated as figuring out how to pass the family homestead down for generations to come. 

Here are just a few ways that we can help you protect your real property:

  • Represent sellers of real estate from hiring your real estate agent to closing
  • Represent buyers of real estate from hiring your real estate agent to closing
  • Create Qualified Personal Residence Trusts to pass on property and preserve Federal and state gifting tax strategies
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    Create Living Revocable Trusts to enable you to easily pass on personal residences, or investments properties
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    Create corporate structures (such as limited liability companies) to protect commercial investments
What happens if I don't protect my real property?

The value and equity in your home can help you or they can hurt you depending on your goals. By understanding your goals, we can better align what happens with you home. 

It can be scary and overwhelming to be a home buyer or seller. You'll be introduced to a whole new language by your realtor, your mortgage broker, and your title company. However amazing your team is, not a single one of these people can give you legal advice. You're about to make one of the largest purchases or sales of your life, shouldn't you have someone on your side who can advise you on the potential outcomes, consequences, and repercussions of certain courses of action? 

How does protecting my real property help me?

By protecting your investment in your home, your newest investment, or your latest sale, you can maximize tax benefits and exemptions, preserve certain legal rights, and also remove certain legal obligations. 

In addition, you can start to set yourself up for passive income, for retirement, for future medical expenses, and for your children's college education. You can start planning today for even greater success in the future.