What is Tax Planning?

Tax planning is a strategic method of ensuring that you are maximizing your use of the Federal Internal Revenue Code and your state's Revenue or Tax Code. This strategic planning can include re-titling of assets (changing the way that you own things), strategic gifting, charitable donations and bequests, and setting up foundations or endowments. 

Is it legal to pay less in taxes?

It is perfectly legal, and even wise, to maximize your use of the taxing regulations. You might even have a "fiduciary obligation" to maximize these exemptions and deduction. These laws and regulations are meant for you to use. That often results in paying lower taxes, shifting the tax burden, delaying the tax burden, or even qualifying for different tax exemptions. 

While we fully support paying your fair share in taxes, "fair share" means paying no more and no less than you are legally obligated to pay. We do not advocate nor do we advise people on how to evade taxes. (Meaning, no, we can't and won't help you break the law.) 

How does tax planning benefit me?

Tax planning is about more than just paying less is taxes. It is also about planning for a better life for you and your family, planning for your future, your children's future, and for a better retirement.  

  • Provide for you and your partner when you retire (and take that world cruise!);
  • Plan for you or your children's lifetime education;
  • Plan for current and future medical expenses;
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    Learn about qualified professional expenditures;
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    Maximize charitable donations, gifts, and expenditures;
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    Discover how your free-lance and side-gigs can lower your taxable income;